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Karma Chameleon

* Note – I swear on Boy George’s life that it was raining when I wrote this early this morning.  Put your pretend hats on.  It’s pouring outside.

Hello again Predators fans.  It’s a rainy day in Nashville today, but it’s Friday, so I guess it all evens out.  Rainy days are great for watching movies, playing games with the family, finding a pick-up basketball at the Y, or any other indoor activity that takes your mind off how bad the weather stinks.   Or, if you are extreme, you could go for a refreshing run with the rain beating down on you; I’ve done it before…pretty liberating. 

It’s 2010, and technology is a heck of a lot more advanced than it was in 1992, the year my family got our first pc.  In 1992, a boat load of money bought you a 386 dx40 with 4MB of ram, a 120MB hard drive, and a 9600 Baud modem (specs for all you computer guys and girls to laugh at).  Needless to say, the internet didn’t really exist yet.  Fortunately, times have changed and we now have the beauty of YouTube and streaming videos.  Personally, I can waste hours watching YouTube videos on any given day, especially rainy Saturdays.  It starts with the innocent link to a funny video that a friend sends you, and an hour later, you are still clicking away on links to related vids.  YouTube videos are great for a laugh from time to time, but my favorite way to use the great video aggregator is to look up videos of great moments in sports history.  Goals, touchdowns, home-runs, and spectacular catches…check.  Bloopers, nasty spills, upsets, and amazing shots…yep, they can all be found there.

I was trying to find the video of Steve Sullivan’s 2006 debut with the Predators so I could share an exciting day in Predators history with all of you, on this gloomy day.  I thought it would be cool if we could relive the memory of the day Steve Sullivan came to town with a bang.  Who was this guy?  He gets traded and scores three on his first night?  Does this give us a real offensive weapon now?  I could talk about Sully all day, but I won’t.  I’m just a little upset that I couldn’t find his hat trick video on the web.  I’m sure it exists somewhere, so if you know where I can find it, leave us a comment.  If you find the video for me, I’ll buy you a hot dog on cheap hot dog night this season.

Sometimes when you are looking for one thing, you stumble upon something even better.  Although I failed to bring you Sully’s Nashville debut hat trick video, I did find this for your enjoyment.

A lot of you guys probably remember this incident from a while back.  It was a hilarious bit of unintended payback, and is just another reason that I am a believer in Karma.  Do you think when Sully skated by the fan he said, “I hope you rupture a disc in your back”???  That would be spoooooky.    

Have a great day, and thanks so much for visiting Predlines.  Come back and visit soon!

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