Preds Add Two New Suits

The Nashville Predators have announced that Jeff Cogen, who comes by way of the Dallas Stars, will take the reigns as team CEO.  Sean Henry, former Tampa Bay Lightning COO, was also introduced as the Predator’s new President/COO. 

Both Cogen and Henry have proven track records of success, which we all hope continues here in Nashville.  I find it interesting that they managed to grab two guys who have proven league success in non-traditional hockey markets.  Hopefully their experience with working in markets that aren’t particulary “hockey affluent” will produce positive results in a niche Nashville market.

Local Bloggers go to work

Brandon Felder from HockeyBuzz, posted a blog on accountability at the top.  He likes the fact that two proven businessmen without attachment to  Nashville, might light a fire and spark a sense of urgency with the current ownership group.

Jeremy K. Glover at Section303 has some interesting points of view as well.

Thanks to On the Forecheck for digging up a brief interview with Cogen that was published by the Dallas Observer.

Hopefully we’ll see some immediate results as these two men take inventory and begin shaking things up (hopefully in a good way).  Change can be a very good thing.  Let’s just hope that their off-ice contributions will somehow directly or indirectly improve our on-ice product.  I don’t want another commerative playoff puck sitting on my mantle unless it is from a playoff round not named round one.

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