NHL Players Consider Nashville Most Underrated Team In League

By Amanda DiPaolo

Hockey Night In Canada, CBCSports and the NHLPA recently conducted a poll to get players opinions on a wide range of topics including should the instigator rule be abolished, which rink has the best ice, and what Canadian city deserves an NHL team.

The NHLPA received 318 surveys back from players.

(Associated Press)

One question of interest to fans of the Nashville Predators was which team is most underrated.

The Predators took the honor with 18% of the vote. Dallas got 16% of the vote. No other team was close but rounding out the top five was Phoenix, Atlanta and St. Louis.

Other categories where the Predators stood out included which coach was the easiest to play for. Bruce Boudreau of the Washington Capitals took top honors, but Coach Barry Trotz came in second.

Shea Weber may come second to Zdeno Chara in the hardest shot competition at the All-Star game weekend festivities, but it isn’t so clear who has the hardest shot according to the players themselves.

Chara still beats Weber by a slim margin, but 41% of the players go with Weber for hardest shot, 44% stick with Chara.

All-Star weekend festivities come to a close Sunday afternoon and the NHL springs back into action on Tuesday, February 1st. Nashville hosts Calgary at 7pm on Tuesday at Bridgestone Arena.

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