Bi-Weekly Question: What'll Happen to Suter After Next Season?

We’re goin to be covering a big question in this post, what’ll happen to Ryan Suter after the end of next season? A lot, and i mean a lot, of fans are wondering what Poile is going to do about Nashville’s “Big Three”, Weber, Suter and Rinne, at the end of next season when they all need to be signed. There are plenty of options for Poile but the most logical one seems to be to re-sign Weber and Rinne and trade away Suter.

Now some of you may not agree with me on this one but I think Weber and Rinne are more important to the team’s overall success than Suter. Both Rinne and Weber have been nominated for a trophy, Weber for Norris and Rinne for Vezina, and both have better stats (I’m assuming they are for a goalie). Not too mention that Weber and Rinne are more the face of the franchise than Suter. When another team’s (casual) fan thinks of the Predators he think’s of Shea Weber; 2nd hardest shot in the league, 2010 Olympic gold medallist and bad-ass playoff beard or Pekka Rinne; Vezina nominee and playoff stud.

There is of course the argument that Suter probably won’t ask for as much as Rinne will. This is true, he probably won’t and I’m sure the money saved would help the Preds a lot in signing or re-signing players. But, think about it, would you really want the Predators to have to shop around for a new goaltender? I realize they have Lindback but if he plays we’d end up in the same situation as Leaf’s fans, with the team’s success riding on a young and rather inexperienced goaltender. Finding a skilled defenceman like Suter is much simpler than finding a unique goaltender like Rinne.

The Preds also have a large selection of potential Suter replacements, there is Jon Blum, Ryan Ellis, Roman Josi and Teemu Laakso just to name a few. With Suter gone these guys would have a much better shot at making the NHL roster and would likely get a lot better if they were challenged. They could also get paired up with Weber who would be a great mentor and would help any of them improve their games immensley.

If you think about it there are a lot of good reasons why re-signing Weber and Rinne makes more sense than re-signing Suter but if you think that I’m wrong and that there are more reasons not to sign Rinne or Weber then comment or tweet me. The reason I do these Bi-Weekly Question posts was to not only answer big questions but to hear what you have to say as well.

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