Tootoo Suspended for "Only" Two Games. Really.

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During the preseason, I was calling into to the local radio show here in Nashville talking about how much I liked the idea of consistency through videos regarding the NHL’s new disciplinary system. “Videos will force them to be consistent” I so confidently said. (And no, this is not comparable to Lucic vs. Miller) But I was happy that NHL suspensions would now make sense.

The ruling has came down on our beloved tormentor and agitator, Jordin Tootoo. Brendan Shanahan and the NHL disciplinary crew released a video showing why they decided to suspend Tootoo for two games. After playing it a couple times, sounds like they really tried hard not to piss anyone off.

They failed in this regard.

The Nashville folks will argue that Christian Erhoff was influential in Tootoo’s path. Perhaps he was, and the NHL acknowledges this, just not enough to cause a him to crash and burn into Miller. That’s debatable, but we don’t feel like beating a dead horse today.

So Shanny needed to make some kind of suspension after the Lucic/Miller debacle. I get that. I am OK with two games against Phoenix and Dallas. Tootoo will be back and charged for the Ducks, and I pity those fools who carry the puck in that game.

Shanahan really tried to sell the fact that Tootoo tried to avoid major contact, but was unsuccessful by leaping (hence it wasn’t five games). Shanny also mentioned that Erhoff did make contact, but not enough to change his path. Likely true, but I’m not buying it completely. I’ve seen Toots make this move before, and successfully. Shanahan also mentions that Tootoo has been suspended before (Hi there, Mr. Robidas *WHACK*) but not in the past 4 years. So that’s a middle ground issue.

Both sides will leave this situation pissed off. Nashville fans wanted no games, maybe a fine if anything. Buffalo fans wanted 5-10 games. Buffalo announcers wanted a lifetime ban and criminal charges.

The Nashville folks will remind you that he received a game misconduct and a 5 minute major penalty. Couple that with the verbiage of the video, and I’m a little ticked. But seeing how it’s only two games, and not against teams that really require his set of skills seeing how there’s that McGrattan fellow around to remind folks not to be stupid,  I can live with it. Buffalo fans will be extremely angry, seeing how Milan Lucic only received a two minute charging minor for contacting Miller outside the crease.


This hit happens more than you think. Can you remember a game without a play involved a player takes a strong path to a goalie and isn’t able to stop in time before colliding with him? Ryan Kesler and Pekka Rinne have had multiple collisions as recent as their last meeting. This one simply looked more spectacular because:
-It’s Ryan Miller
-Jordin Tootoo was the forward
-Tootoo jumped to minimize contact, and it didn’t quite work.

So, am I that mad? Not really. The NHL had to do something, and this was a decent compromise. Given how much Rinne means to this team, I’m OK with the NHL doing something to protect goalies from the likes of the pests of the Western Conference.

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