Trading Partners - Columbus and Calgary

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Dec 8, 2011; Columbus, OH, USA; Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Rick Nash (61) passes to Columbus Blue Jackets center Jeff Carter (7) against the Nashville Predators during the first period at Nationwide Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russell LaBounty-US PRESSWIRE

With the coveted Tim Gleason signing a new deal in Carolina, the pieces available at the trade deadline just got a bit more thin. This year’s crop seems to be a bit top heavy, which presents some different challenges than in years past. For teams like Nashville who feel they are one/two players away from making a serious cup run, it’s a market than can benefit them if played correctly.

Inside this piece, we’re reaching out to the people that know the potential trading partners of the Preds better than we ever could, their writers.


The needs of Nashville are simple, but easy to identify. They’ve been the same over the last few seasons, and the same as many other teams.

-Top six scorer
-Defenseman with size, toughness

Not the most difficult shopping list in the world. There are some targets out there. Some of the more coveted names on the market (unofficially, of course) are saddled with bad teams, but are still in the race. The difficulty with that predicament is that the other team wants an NHL ready product. And to make things more complicated, the one team that is truly out of it is in the same division with Nashville.

That’s where today’s discussion starts, with the lovable Columbus Blue Jackets. While Rick Nash is the coveted goods of most of the league, Jeff Carter is more likely to be dealt. He never quite caught the memo that you have to play for the team that’s on the front of the sweater, except for that one game in Nashville that he netted 3 goals in the first period… and still lost. Ever since, he’s been posturing for an exit… or has he?

One of the great things about writing for FanSided is the range of writers for the teams covered. In Columbus, Mary O’Malley spearheads Fire That Cannon, another stellar blog covering the Blue Jackets. Mary responded to my message about Jeff Carter with this hunk of written gold:

“Well, look. Right now, the team is pretty needy, and it’s been that way for quite some time…anemic, if you will. Got great talent on paper and individuals, but toss it all together and it comes up short…only glimmers of what ‘could be’. Power-Play is for (CENSORED), and The Problem with Our Young Master Mason has been a thorn for what? A few years now? Seriously, we need an NHL high-priestess to help us…seems as though nothing else will. We mortgage the hell out of our arena  for Carter and Wiz and look what happens…if our guys aren’t sick, suspended for the malice behind the hit and not the hit itself, really; suffering the pesky injuries that take a billion years to recover from…they’re having a private melt-down of sorts. All at once…and thus, here’s ANOTHER season in the crapper.

IMO and from what those who have seen it and reported it, Carter’s heart was never, ever here in Columbus…he’s left meet and greets early, he’s sneered and has a BS attitude…not all his fault. I would be severely depressed leaving my team in the way he left his for ours…but he just never pulled out of said depression…he never gave it 100%. It’s our fault, too…we invest heart and soul here in Cbus…we were looking for a messiah and ALL the answers with Wiz and Carter. What are our needs? Is there an NHL version of Merry Maids? Our house needs to be cleaned…or a virgin thrown off the top of Nationwide Arena. Whatever works.”

We are not about to throw Tim Tebow off the side of Nationwide. The obvious needs in Columbus are defense, and forward depth. Mark Dekanich keeps battling injuries. Both him and Steve Mason have another year left on their sentance contract. While a veteran netminder may be what’s needed, I doubt they’ll say no to a top level prospect. Also, their top 3 defenders are locked up until 2015 (Wiz, Methot, Tyutin). The “Infamous Blum/Lindback package” makes sense, coupled with a draft pick by chance.


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