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The rockstar herself, Cait Platt of Flame for Thought, returned to give insight on her beloved Calgary Flames. Calgary finds themselves in a different place that other teams in the West, having completed a deal with the Habs earlier this season packaging Rene Bourque for Mike Cammalleri. Cait and I chatted some about their situation, and what the Flames have to offer.

Dan Bradley: What’s the mentality of the position of the Flames, do you see them being buyers or sellers at this point?
Cait Platt: Sellers, both in the short term (for cap space) & long term (so much dead weight, insane contracts) The Blackhawks trade was a step in right direction for change. If they can continue this until the deadline, I have faith that this summer & next season will show some improvement.

DB: What needs do the Flames have? and is it safe to say youth is at the top of their radar?
CP: Yes to youth, but they also need some with experience. Flames finally have a pool in which to draw from, but players need time to develop.

DB: On a team with bigger contracts, but with veterans who have won in the playoffs, who would be deemed expendable?
CP: Anyone, the problem is finding a team who’s willing to take on a contract like Bouwmeester’s. All that money, none of the expected results.

DB: Forwards are needed in places like LA, Nashville, Etc. When you say anyone… You can’t mean Iginla too right?
CP: There seems to be as divide on the Iginla situation. A strong group wants to keep him, but there’s also the wish to see him lift the Cup. And if the Flames can’t do it in the next two or three seasons, he’ll be out of time.

DB: Below Iginla, what forward would Calgary move to get the most value, and what would the ideal return be?
CP: Glencross & Tanguay, but both are recently injured, would be big names to go. In return, I don’t think Flames can afford a player like Perry. Smaller contract, if Flames could draft smarter, I’d be asking for as many draft picks as possible.


It’s clear that the brass doesn’t want to shuffle the lineup too much in Nashville, especially seeing what the team is doing now. With that said, there’s a serious opportunity  this year to do something special. Winning the division will be tough, but the reward could be immense. Plus, there are several teams needing what the Preds have a surplus of.

Will Poile pull the trigger? The clock is ticking.

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