Where Will the NHL Expand to Next? Part 3 – Kansas City

It is inevitable the NHL is going to expand to 32 teams at soon. With the new realignment, the NHL will look to expand to in order to even out the divisions. It is no longer a question of “if” they will expand. It has now become a discussion of “when” and where.”

With this series, Predlines will look at 6 cities that are possible candidates for an NHL expansion team. Factors such as population, arena and previous hockey experience will be examined to decide the best place for the next NHL team. Where will the NHL expand its brand to next?


Population: 464,310

Arena: Sprint Center

Previous Hockey Experience: Had the NHL’s Kansas City Scouts, who are now known as the New Jersey Devils. They have also had multiple Central Hockey League teams.

Current Hockey Situation: Missouri Mavericks (CHL)

Team Name They Should Pick: Kansas City Sprinters

Why it will work: Kansas City has been a host to some preseason games, and the hockey fans in west Missouri sold the place out. Kansas City doesn’t have a weak fan base in their borders (yes, even the Royals have faithful fans), proving they can support another professional team. Hockey can be sold to the good people of Kansas City and they seem like a likely suitor behind Seattle.

Why it won’t work: I don’t see any reason why Kansas City couldn’t be a home for an NHL team. The only thing that stops them from getting a team is if the NHL expands to Seattle and Portland, leaving Kansas City on the outside looking in. In order for the state of Missouri to get a second team, an ownership group needs to step up and make a great sales pitch. If that happens, Kansas City has a really good shot at getting an NHL team.

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  • Anonymouse

    The Chiefs have been in the bottom of the league in attendance ever since the numbers were made public and the Royals have the second worst attendance in baseball over the last 15 years (beating the Marlins) and have never finished out of the bottom 5. There are NHL teams who annually beat the Royals in attendance.
    Also, who is supposed to own this team? The NHL’s last bid for Kansas City was spearheaded by Boots Del Biaggio and he’s in prison.

    • James Summerlin

      You’re points are valid and I think that Seattle and Portland are going to beat Kansas City for a team. Two Pacific Northwest teams that will already have a built-in rivalry? That’s too good to pass up.

      However, in defense of Kansas City athletics, the baseball and football have put bad products out on the field. Of course their numbers are going to be down. That’s what happens for most professional teams. People don’t want to pay money for bad performance. As far as an owner goes, I have no idea who would own it, but that doesn’t mean they would be an abysmal market.

  • HockeyMoose

    By your reasoning, shouldn’t the team be in Springfield. Bass Pro Shops had over 4 million fans visit, compared to a total of 431, 763 fans the Chiefs had.