Philadelphia Flyers Fans Gather to Watch Paint Dry. (No, Really)

Remember when Nashville got a lot of flack for painting the ice gold for an open skate?

Yeah, this story is worse.

Philadelphia Flyers fans gathered at the Wells Fargo Center to set the Guinness World Record for “most people to simultaneously watch paint dry.” They filled the building with 195 people.

Now, I’m not going to make an easy crack at Philly fans and say that watching paint dry is more exciting than watching an actual Flyers game. I’m also not going to make fun of the low attendance in an attempt to break a world record or tease the people that did show up. That would be mean and inconsiderate.

But I am going to point out a crucial fact that the Flyers promotion team neglected to point out to the fans they invited to the Wells Fargo Arena. There will be no official award or plaque for the fans that did show up. There won’t even be a banner that declares the record set. Why is this injustice happening, you ask?

There is no actual record in the Guinness World Record Book for “watching paint dry,” so there was not a representative to mark the accomplishment.

So these 195 Flyers fans showed up on a Monday to break a record that doesn’t even exist.

As a Preds fan, I am happy that we aren’t the only team that tries to throw gimmicks for painting the ice.


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