A Look Around: East and West

In this edition of A Look Around we will take you to Chicago, Buffalo, Edmonton, and Tampa Bay.                            

Nashville wants to keep the red out, St. Louis jumped on board as well. Blackhawk Up

The Buffalo Sabres may be in need of a new starting goaltender. Than again maybe not. NHL.com

Back in Edmonton. Omark signs a one year deal.  Prohockeytalk.com

The Lightning need a new Captain. Bolts By The Bay

It doesn’t matter if it is September, January, or August if there is news we will bring it to you.

Something to think about.

“Wayne Gretzky owns 61 NHL individual records himself with 99% of them having no chance to ever be broken. For example, his 1016 goals, 2223 assists and 3239 total points will never be threatened while his 92 goals in one season is beyond imagination (only eight players last season had 92 or more points). www.hockeymattersonline.com


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    • http://www.predlines.com/ Patrick Helper

      A comment will only be deleted if it under minds a writer or the site. We are very much in favor of constructive comments. Good or bad as long as the comment is not viewed to be abusive in any way it will stay.

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          I don’t think Thomas was calling any fan ignorant. He is doing a series on the coaches. I’m sorry if you felt he crosses a line. I will reread his post and have a conversation with him if need be.