What Did Nike Do?

Nike is responsible for one of the worst jerseys I have ever laid eyes on. This is hockey not Oregon Duck football. Nike put fake strings on the neck, weird plastic looking stars on the shoulders. While this may be a “classic” look for USA Hockey; Nike went too far.   

After doing some research I have found that this look can be traced back to 1920 Antwerp, Belgium, 1924 Chamonix, France, and 1932 Lake Placid, N.Y.

I still prefer the 1998 Jerseys. I know the “S” can no longer be used, but why not recreate the Nagano, Japan jersey?  It was a busy jersey, but Nike could have reworked it. Or better yet scrap the retro design and come up with a completely new look. Why not use an eagle?

The fact that Nike would take a classic image and put this big a twist on it upsets me to no end.  I do like the deep blue, and bright in your face red in the logo. Also the stripes on the arms are a nice touch, although, I would have liked to see them brought down to the bottom of the jersey as well.  The fact that USA Hockey seems okay with this look does bother me. However, they probably had no choice in the matter.

Those stars look like they belong stuck on a four-year-old’s bedroom ceiling, and the fake plastic laces. [sbnation.com]

I wish that something could be done to correct this mess, but that’s not going to happen. The only thing that can make me like this look is a gold medal hanging from the neck of the players wearing it. What are your thought’s the jersey?


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  • Geordie Carragher

    Ha, great joke! Now where are the real jerseys? Seriously, ghastly stuff.

  • Anonymouse

    Where’s far?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m only trying to help, however do you proofread any of your articles before you post them?

    • Patrick Helper

      This post was looked over several times by a few different people. To help Predlines limit any errors and get on our feet we have been loaned a copy editor. I guess we missed that. Thank you for your help, and thank you for reading.

  • Kevin

    They are crappy jerseys, however, they still represent USA Hockey. Like he tried to say, it’s not about the jersey anyway, it’s about bringing home the gold.

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