The NHL Has Another New Rule

Love them or hate them hockey fights have been part of the game for a very long time. Sadly the same can be said about head injuries. In an effort to protect players the NHL has changed yet another rule.                                                                  

The NHL’s general managers agreed to, and the Board of Governors approved, a new rule that levies a two-minute minor penalty on any player that removes his helmet before a fight. That’s seven minutes in the box, barring any additional penalties: two for unsportsmanlike conduct and five for fighting.

I am very much in favor of a safer game, but what’s next? At some point don’t the players need to have a say on how their game is played?  NO, it’s a simple answer. The players work for the teams, and the teams are part of a league. Here’s a thought get rid of helmets.  It’s not as radical as it sounds. If the NHL is so concerned with safety than why not remove protection? Players may be less likely to take a cheap shot, they may not hit as hard. Isn’t that what the league wants?

I understand it’s not a big change, and I understand that all games change. I just don’t like so many changed in one year. New icing rule, the nets have changed, goaltenders have new pads restrictions, and now this. It’s just too much for one year.

Let us know what you think about the rule changes.


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  • Patrick Maggio

    Actually I think that IS a bit radical, Patrick. Get rid of helmets?!?…. I remember the no-helmet era (and even a few goalies sans face masks) and your contention that less protection would lead to players changing how they hit is a stretch. Go watch the movie Slapshot again…it is a pretty accurate representation of what hockey (esp. the minor leagues) was like back then. Now having said all that, I do agree with your general assertion: the extra two minutes is a bad rule….

  • Hockeyfan24

    You can’t be serious.. Do you have any idea how many concushions there would be without helmets??

    • Patrick Helper

      No I’m not completely serious. It was meant to show that things are getting a little out of hand. There must be better rules that can be made to keep NHL players safe.

      • Hockeyfan24

        Just because there are better rules, doesn’t mean players will obey them ok. There will always be the Torreses and Bertuzzis in the league. The equipment has to be in place to protect players from concushions ok.

  • Timothy Redinger

    The nets changing is a very minor thing that will largely go unnoticed. I think a dumber rule change than goalie pads shrinking or nets getting redone a bit is the no tuck rule.
    Penalizing a player for taking his helmet off? guys are just going to start wearing them loose when they know they are going to get into a fight so they come off in a “scuffle”.

    • Patrick Helper

      No tuck rule is a joke. However I guess that if the NHL wants to place advertisements on the bottom of jerseys they cant be tucked in. Just something to think about. Its less about the players and fans and more about the bottom line. Sad sad sad.

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