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What Would You Ask a Predators Player?

If you had the chance to ask a Nashville Predators player one question after tonight’s game, what would it be?

The task is simple: Comment below with a question you’d like a Preds player to be asked tonight and you’ll be entered to win two FREE tickets to Nashville’s game against the San Jose Sharks (tonight, at Bridgestone Arena and starting at 7 pm CST).

If your name is randomly drawn, not only will you win the pair of tickets but your question may be used in our post game video with a Predators player. The game is tonight–and we’ll post the video tomorrow– so don’t wait any longer and fire away in the comments sections below:

**The winner of the tickets will be selected at 5:30 pm CST and the tickets will be left at will call**


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  • Blake Junier

    At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to have a career in the NHL?

  • Michael Neal

    What are your country’s realistic chances of winning a gold medal in Sochi this year.

    Follow up: If given the chance, will you give Rads a nice hip check into the boards?

  • Kate Cropp

    Favorite hangout/restaurants in Nashville?

  • Daniel

    What is their pick for the
    gold medal in Olympics?


    Annnnnd the winner is, Kate Cropp! Congrats, I will leave the 2 tickets under the name “Kate Cropp” at Will Call. They’ll be there in about 10 minutes. Thanks for your questions everyone, we will be sure to do this again soon.