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VIDEO: Disappointing Blackhawks Fans

With thousands of Chicago Blackhawks fans looking on, the Nashville Predators claimed a 7-5 win in the team’s final home game. The contest was unlike most games inside Bridgestone Arena as many Predators players felt like they were playing on the road due to the huge support for their opposition.

After the game, Nashville forward Matt Cullen and Eric Nystrom explained why disappointing so many Blackhawks fans felt so good.

“We’ve been pretty good on the road, so I didn’t mind all their fans too much. I went for lunch today and all I saw was red all over, I even saw a Blackhawks flag at one point. I thought that would give us some great motivation to let them come downtown and go home sad. That was my goal,” Nashville head coach Barry Trotz said.

“We couldn’t take the Hawks fans out of the game as soon as we wanted, but we got them in the end when it really mattered,” Nystrom said.

Tonight, the Predators (37-32-12) play their final game of the season up in Minnesota against the Wild (43-26-12). The puck drops at 7:00 p.m. (CST).


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  • Rstach

    I’m sure Hawks fans will get over it pretty quickly once the playoffs start. Maybe we’ll face the Preds again this year…oh wait …they aren’t in the playoffs. Maybe next year. Hahaha!


      Genuinely interested to here your take: Why do you think the Predators were able to win 4 out of 5 games against the Blackhawks this season? Is their defensive system frustrating to Chicago?

      • Rstach

        I think you mean hear. The Predators are a tough opponent. To say they aren’t would be stupid. With that said; does it really matter how many games they beat the Hawks in the regular season? Where are they now? I’ll tell you where they aren’t…the Playoffs. Enjoy your 4 of 5 victory and celebrating mediocrity. I’m going to get back to watching the Hawks in the Playoffs right now. Second period is about to start.


          That was an even more boring and redundant response than I had prepared myself to receive. Oh well, thanks anyways. Enjoy watching the playoffs!