Bi-Weekly Question: Who’s Gonna Make the Roster?

I’m back with another question; who’s making the NHL roster for the Preds?  In this post I’ll be focusing solely on the defence roster spots available mostly because there are so many. With Francis Boullion still out of the lineup there are three defence spots up for grabs. One of them so far appears to be locked up by Teemu Laakso which leaves only two spots available for three different players, assuming Nashville takes 7 defenceman. The remaining three players include Ryan Ellis, Mattias Ekholm and Jack Hillen.

Personally I haven’t heard too much about Hillen but according to many people he has been pretty impressive so far in the preseason playing a solid game paired up with Laakso. As for Ellis and Ehkolm, if you’ve read any of my other posts you know how I feel about Ellis, I think he’s a great player, very smart with an insane amount of potential and I’ve only heard good things about Ehkolm who has made quite an impression thus far in the preseason. Ehkolm, unlike Ellis, is more on the defensive side and is considered more of a two-way defenceman while Ellis strength is his offensive capabilities.

Trotz has said on multiple occasions how hard it’s been to make a decision on who’s going to get to play this season. I’d have to agree, all three of these guys are great players with large amounts of skill and potential. If I had to chose between the three I’d chose Ellis and Ehkolm. I haven’t seen, heard or can find any really good reason why Hillen should make the roster. Unfortunately my lack of knowledge is kind-of restricting me in confidently answering this question but I do know I’d definitely choose Ellis regardless of how good Hillen was and that I’ve heard some only good things about Ehkolm.

If you disagree with me, tell me why, voice your opinion! If you know something that I don’t I want to know what it is, so tell me, either in the comments below or on twitter. Who knows if someone presents a valid enough reason why there should be a different outcome then I might even mention it  in my next post!

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