A Warren Zevon Hockey Song For Rich Clune

Rich Clune stuck up for his teammate Matt Halischuk tonight but took another completely unnecessary penalty late in the game as the Preds dropped their third game of the season to St. Louis. Here’s a little something to soothe tonight’s loss, Preds fans.

The late, great recording artist Warren Zevon died of cancer back in 2003. He would’ve been 66 years old today had he lived to see it. When he was still around he used to fill in for Paul Schaeffer on Late Night with David Letterman from time to time. The year before he died, Zevon appeared on the show as a musical guest in his own right and played a little ditty called “Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song).”

It’s a ballad about a kid named Buddy from Big Beaver who wanted to be Maurice “Rocket” Richard and dreamed of “scoring for the Wings or Canucks, but he wasn’t that good with a puck.”

Buddy is Rich Clune through and through, from his coach telling him, “The fast guys get paid, they shoot, they score; protect them, Buddy, that’s what you’re here for,” to the call-and-shouted-response refrain:

What’s a Canadian farm boy to do?
Hit somebody!

Rich Clune: Zevon’s secret muse? (PHOTO: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports)

Clune’s from Toronto and not the farm, but it’s him all the same. Will we get a chance to see Rich Clune get as good an ending as Buddy? I certainly wouldn’t bet on it. He came here on waivers from Los Angeles and would probably the first man on the roster to go in the event of another transaction that left Nashville over the roster limit. But it’s a crazy game, and it’s even crazier in a lockout-shortened season. I’d certainly take a Rich Clune lamp-lighting if he were to offer it up. After this last game against the Blues they need scoring from whoever can provide it. If that ends up being Nashville’s resident agitator/pugilist, count on a Twitter uproar from Preds fans – and hopefully a few listens to this Zevon classic in Clune’s honor.