Sergei Kostitsyn And His Worst Play Ever


Remember how good times were when he just turned the puck over instead of skating off the ice too? (PHOTO: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

Sergei Kostitsyn was a KHL All-Star during the NHL lockout. Now, I’ve not seen a ton of KHL hockey, but I have to assume he played a lot better over there than he has this season for the Nashville Predators. After tonight, I have to wonder if he’s not looking for a first-class ticket back over there.

During a Nashville power play in the third period against the Edmonton Oilers, Kostitsyn was playing the right point and missed a pass fired back to him from the far corner. He skated back trying to retrieve it but was beaten by Sam Gagner trying to get to it. So what did Sergei decide to do? He was already next to the bench, so he decided to leave the ice.

Way to go, Sergei. (PHOTO: Jim Diamond @diamondhockey on Twitter)

Never mind the fact that his coaches were waving frantically and yelling at him to get back out there. He got over the boards, Gagner hit Lennert Petrell with a pass since there was nobody there to stop it, and Petrell scored shorthanded to give the Oilers a 2-1 lead.

Twitter immediately blew up:

Sergei Kostitsyn was a healthy scratch in the game against Calgary, which was supposed to send him a message. Apparently it didn’t get through. If SK74 hits the ice again anytime in the near future when hard-working players like Zach Boychuk and Chris Mueller ride the pine, Preds fans will have every right to question what on earth is going on with their front office and coaching staff.