Nashville Predators Season Player Grades – Carter Hutton

Last but not least on the list of Nashville Predators to receive their end of the season grades is Mr. Carter Hutton. Pekka Rinne’s backup didn’t see a lot of action during the season but the 29-year-old was indeed a part of the Predators’ impressive 2014-15 campaign.

We saw Hutton each and every game day in his in-game interview, and hey, thanks for having me guys.

Throughout this series of ranking Predators skaters we’ve taken a look at their offensive, defensive and special teams grade. That may be a bit difficult to do with Rinne, so we’ll look at his numbers and give him an overall grade at the end of the post; spoiler alert it’s going to be a good grade.

Hutton saw action in just 18 games throughout the regular season, far less than his 40 the year prior as Rinne was out with his hip injury. He posted a record of 6-7-4 during that stretch with his biggest winning streak being four games between February 1 and February 22.

The Ontario native had a save percentage of .902 while allowing 2.61 goals a night. His save percentage isn’t the best to look at but allowing 2.61 goals a night isn’t the worst ever statistic for a backup netminder in the NHL.

It could not have been the easiest of situations for Hutton during the year. Of course Rinne and the Preds were the hottest team in the league for a moment and Rinne played in a number of back-to-back situations before Hutton’s name was called. It couldn’t have been easy going from 40 games played to 18. Nevertheless, Hutton was an admirable backup.

Hutton’s lone shutout on the year came on February 1 as he stopped all 21 of the shots the Pittsburgh Penguins threw his way. He also stopped 30 or more pucks in five of his 18 games.

Oh, and he also did this:

Hutton put together a handful of bad outings and a handful of good outings. His name wasn’t called as much as some expected, but he was a solid back up for the Big Finn. For that, Hutton is going to get a B- for the year.