New Nashville Predators EA SPORTS NHL 16 Ratings

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Pekka Rinne ready to make the save.

EA SPORTS NHL 16 Nashville Predator Goalies

Pekka Rinne: 92 (NHL 15: 91)
Pekka had already been announced as a Top Five goaltender in an earlier release. He moved up one rating point as he had a Vezina caliber season.  No disagreement on our end, in fact, we believe he is a Top three goalie.

Carter Hutton: 79 (NHL 15: 80)
We are a little surprised that he didn’t move to a 78 as his stats and playing time really slid last season.  He is one of the worries this season as it sure would help Pekka if he didn’t have to play every game.

No doubt that if you were going to build an EA SPORTS NHL 16 team you would have to consider Pekka as one of your choices.

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