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Roman Josi moving up the rankings.

EA SPORTS NHL 16 Nashville Predators Defensemen

Seth Jones: 86 (NHL 15: 83)
Seth Jones is improving game by game and it shows in his rating. Three points is a pretty good jump and this could be a real breakout season for the youngster playing alongside Jackman.

Barret Jackman: 82 (NHL 15: 82)
A brand new team for Jackman but the same rating.  I thought it might drop one point, but he could actually put up better numbers this season on a more offensive defense system.

Ryan Ellis: 84 (NHL 15: 83)
A little surprised that Seth Jones jumped over him the way that he did as Ellis had the same stats in 24 fewer games.  Jones name is much more popular though and accounts for it.  Ellis is the fourth ranked D-Man on the team and is a good one.

Mattias Ekholm: 82 (NHL 15: 78)
A nice bump for the young Swede. The second biggest on the team behind Josi. He moved up nicely in the ratings and may have a breakout season for the Predators.

Victor Bartley: 79 (NHL 15: 79)
Actually a 79 is a pretty solid rating for a seventh defenseman on a team. Nothing to complain about.

Roman Josi: 90 (NHL 15: 85)
Josi took a big jump after a big year. He is now rated as the ninth best defenseman in EA Sports.  A five-point swing was expected after being in the conversation for the Norris Trophy.

Shea Weber: 94 (NHL 15: 93)
Weber leads not only the Preds but the entire league on defense with an impressive 94 rating. It doesn’t look as if the gaming world believes any talk that his skills might be declining.

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