New Nashville Predators EA SPORTS NHL 16 Ratings

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Nashville Predators Filip Forsberg (9). Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Filip Forsberg getting ready to score.

EA SPORTS NHL 16 Nashville Predator Right Wings

Cody Hodgson: 81(NHL 15: 84)
The first thing is that Hodgson is definitely going to play a Center role for this team and not Right Wing. He took a huge three-point drop which may have been warranted but could turn right around this year.

Craig Smith: 86 (NHL 15: 85)
Smith jumped up one and is tied for the second highest winger on the Predators.  That sounds about right to me. We are hoping for bigger and better things from this young man this season.

Colin Wilson: 85 (NHL 15: 84)
Like I said the Right Winger category here is interesting.  Wilson mostly plays LW and Center for the Preds, but they needed to squeeze another Right Winger in. He got a one point bump and 85 sounds about right to me.

Filip Forsberg: 86 (NHL 15: 86)
Prince Filip was a late addition last season and came in as an 86 and he starts out this season the same way.  Tied with Smith and one behind Neal as the top Preds forward, it is possible that he blows them all away this season.  We are definitely rooting for that!

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