Nashville Predators: Mike Milbury Announces Seth Jones Contract

The Nashville Predators made their first appearance of the season on NBC Sports Network last night against the San Jose Sharks.  It is their first of four appearances this season on the network.

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While the Preds defeated the Sharks in a tight 2-1 game, it’s always interesting to see the team in the national spotlight and see what the media has to say about our Predators.  In some ways, it shows how used we become to our home team announcers and the way Fox Sports South broadcasts the Preds.

Early on in the game, there were folks on twitter missing the shot scoreboard that Fox always has up. I didn’t hear anyone that mentioned missing Barb Murphy, but there were some comments about how the announcers portrayed the Predators. They have plenty of camera angles and replays that are enjoyable.

For all of you that couldn’t stay up for a game that didn’t start until 9:45 Central time, you missed a Twitter Storm after the second intermission when NBC Studio cast member Mike Milbury made a stunning announcement about how the new contract for Seth Jones was a steal for the Predators at only $3 million a year for three years.  He spoke for a couple of minutes about it compared to other contracts and how lucky the Preds were to wrap him up.

Things started in a hurry on twitter:




Then there were thoughts that maybe he was confused about Matias Ekholm’s new contract:






And finally the rumor was put to rest with this tweet:

There were many more tweets about Milbury’s announcement and how folks feel about him, but it’s probably in the best interests of this article not to publish some of them.  Let’s just let it be said that it was sure a lot of fun watching the entire episode unfold in the Twitter-sphere and helped to keep us awake on a late night of Predators hockey.