Nashville Predators and Brandon Pirri a Possible Match

The Nashville Predators have been named in rumors along with other teams for a fast, young forward.

The Nashville Predators have been rumored to possibly be in the mix for the services of 25-year old Brandon Pirri.  He is also said to be talking to other teams and supposedly has several offers to consider.

Ottawa and the Philadelphia Flyers are two other teams that we’ve heard may be looking for Pirri’s services.  He is one of the best bargains left among Free Agents as he can score goals and is very fast.

Both of those attributes are things the Nashville Predators are still looking for.  There have been knocks on his defensive play and sturdiness but he has scored an average of 25 goals per 83 games or about an NHL season and at about a 27 goal pace the past two seasons.

His last contract was for $1.8 million per year and although he would want a raise he could still be a big bargain at his age.  He has a huge upside and might be a perfect compliment to the Nashville Predators to up both their speed and depth.

It has been rumored that he may make a decision today on several offers he has received.  Does the addition of P.K. Subban help the Predators in enticing a Free Agent to come to Nashville?  Several media outlets have named the Nashville Predators as one of the teams in the offseason that has really increased their chances toward the Stanley Cup.

We heard John Feinstein in a radio interview say that he felt that the Preds were in a spot to change a Free Agents mind if it came down to a couple of teams because of their improvement in the offseason.

The next question is if GM David Poile and Coach Peter Laviolette feel that Brandon Pirri can help in Lavy’s system.  He has an attack-first, move the puck forward type of game that would seem to fit Pirri perfectly and could actually improve his game a good bit. It could also be a big improvement for the Preds too.

Nashville Predators GM David Poile has said he was going to wait around in Free Agency and find a good bargain.  Perhaps Brandon Pirri is just that player.