Nashville Predators: Jaromir Jagr Should Get a Chance

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After 26 NHL seasons, hockey legend Jaromir Jagr is looking for a new home. The Nashville Predators should give him a chance, even at 45 years old.

In 26 NHL seasons, forward Jaromir Jagr has done just about everything that a hockey player can do. Not to mention, he’s seen quite a lot too. When Jagr entered the league in 1990, the Berlin Wall had just been torn down a few months earlier, the Soviet Union was still intact, and the World Wide Web hadn’t even been introduced yet.

Safe to say, Jagr has been around for a while.

Jagr would be a great fit for a 1 or 2 year deal for Nashville right now. Although center Ryan Johansen hasn’t been signed yet, the Predators would still have enough cap space to give Jagr a deal for $1-2 million after Johansen signs. Jagr isn’t in the market for a long-term deal, as he is 45 years old, so a cheap 1 year deal would be perfect.

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