Nashville Predators: Top Five Current Predator Contracts

NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 3: Austin Watson
NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 3: Austin Watson /
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7 year/ $28 million

Lastly, we have the number one contract on the Nashville Predators, and the award goes to Roman Josi. Josi was signed way back in 2013, and he agreed to a seven-year deal. He signed for a total of $28 million with a cap hit of $4 million. Once again, you read that right. For the next three seasons Roman Josi will play for the Nashville Predators and only have a cap hit of 4 million dollars. Without a doubt, this is the best contract in terms of value, on the Predators’ roster.

Ryan Suter left the Nashville Predators in 2012 to join the Minnesota Wild. In many ways this could be considered a blessing in disguise. Suter proceeded to sign a 13 yr(s) / $98 million whereas Josi played a season and then signed his current contract as a RFA. Now, when looking at the numbers it is safe to assume that Josi has outplayed Suter. In fact, Josi’s numbers are comparable to other “superstar” defensemen, as well.

Josi scored 49 points last season, which could be considered a down year according to his previous two seasons. Regardless, this was still the most of any defenseman for the Predators. Other comparable players include Ryan Suter who scored 40, Shea Weber who scored 42 and the Predators very own P.K. Subban, who scored 40. Granted Subban only played in 66 games this year, the other two played full seasons.

Josi is definitely in some elite company, and is an offensive juggernaut. I really do not have to go into detail about his defensive ability. He is one of the most dominant defensive players in the game right now, and everyone knows it. Josi puts up superstar numbers, yet he is currently making less money per year than Alexei Emelin. This is why Roman Josi holds the number one spot in the countdown.

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