Nashville Predators: Assembling Franchise’s All-Time Best Offensive Weapons

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(Photo by Joe Murphy/NHLImages) /
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(Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty Images) /

Center- David Legwand

The guy who was there when it all started. Those early teams had little to no scoring outside of David Legwand, the franchise’s original draft pick. Another player who wasn’t going to reel off 30-goal seasons every year, but was that reliable contributor on offense.

Legwand’s best offensive season was 2006-07 with 63 points. He finished off his Predators career with a 30-assist season back in 2014.  With better talent around him in those early years, he would’ve had better offensive outputs.

This isn’t a knock on Legwand, but this position isn’t full of a lot of talent in the team’s history. It’s a position that has never been solidified outside of a few.

Center– Mike Fisher

Another current player that helped carry this franchise to its first Stanley Cup Final berth, Mike Fisher might end up on the franchise’s Mount Rushmore when it’s all said and done.

Fisher does all of the little things that go unnoticed to keep the offensive pressure going. He battles for pucks on the boards, sets teammates up and scores those dirty goals. He’s the model of consistency that you can’t pass up on this list. This position was never a strong one for the Predators franchise until Fisher came along.

Let’s hope that Fisher sticks around for another season or two. If nothing else, he has to retire a Predator. His star-power alone makes him an all-time great and fan-favorite.