Nashville Predators: EA Sports NHL ’18 Predators’ Player Ratings

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Player Ratings

Let me preface this by saying that this is the beta version of NHL 18 and everything I am about to discuss could, and hopefully will, change by the time of the official release. The first thing I am sure many of us do anytime a new sports game comes out is to find the ratings of our favorite players/teams. Therefore, once the NHL ’18 Beta finished downloading on my Xbox, that’s exactly what I did. Boy, was I disappointed.

There were several teams that I looked at, not just the Predators. Across the board it appeared that the ratings are not accurate whatsoever. Hopefully, this is just due to the fact that I am playing a beta version. For what it is worth, the rosters appear to be the same as they were before the expansion draft. Therefore, we know there will be an update on that aspect. As it is though, let’s take a look at how the Predators rank on the early release of NHL ’18.