Nashville Predators: EA Sports NHL ’18 Predators’ Player Ratings

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Other Notable Players

Keep in mind that it was not just the Predators who got lowballed with their ratings on this game. Plenty of other players were rated much lower than expected. The following is a list of a few other notable players’ ratings in NHL ’18:

Sidney Crosby: 92

Patrick Kane: 92

Shea Weber: 91

Carey Price: 91

Ryan Suter: 90

Jonathan Toews: 90

Alex Ovechkin: 90

Connor McDavid: 89

Johnny Gaudreau: 87

Phil Kessel: 86

James Neal: 85

Seth Jones: 84

Alexander Radulov: 83

Jack Eichel: 83

Auston Matthews: 83

My first reaction when seeing these players’ ratings are Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid are extremely low. Do not get me wrong, they are all fairly low to some degree, but those two in particular are what stick out. What else is interesting is that Sidney Crosby is a 92. As much as I hate to say it, he is the best player in the NHL and is only a 92. To me, that just does not make much sense.

On a 100-point scale the Predators’ are ranked too low, along with many other players thought the league. However, if the best player is ranked a 92 and that is where the scale starts than these ratings are a little more understandable. Regardless, this does not take away from players like, Josi, Forsberg, Arvidsson, Ellis, and plenty others who’s rating is just comical.

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Once again, keep in mind that there is still around six weeks until the final copy of the game is released. Here’s to hoping there is a major roster update between now and then.