Nashville Predators: Players deserving consideration for captain

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P.K. Subban

To say a player has an impact in his first year with an organization is rare. What Aaron Judge is doing for the New York Yankees is impressive. Then you have Cody Bellinger. Both are rookies and putting up ridiculous numbers in baseball. With veteran players, you usually know what you are going to get. Most of the time. But, I believe P.K. Subban left a major impact on the Predators in just his first season. Our James Marlin and Steve Cook agree.

James’ thoughts: Although Subban has been with the team for just one season, he is one of the more vocal leaders on the team, and that was shown throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Being a vocal leader is a characteristic that captains should possess. Subban is sometimes involved in controversy on the ice, but that just comes because of the type of player he is. Not only is Subban a vocal leader and good player, but he is also very involved in the media. He is usually the go to guy for the Predators when it comes to the media, especially in the playoffs last year.

Off the ice, Subban is very involved in the community around him, as he has his own charity and is all about helping others. Not only is P.K. Subban a key voice for the NHL, he could soon potentially be the voice of the Nashville Predators as he has the chance to become the next captain.

From Steve’s point of view: To me, the captain should be the person you most want representing your team on and off the ice. Shea Weber & Mike Fisher were great choices in that regard. So is Subban, in a different way. He’s only been with Nashville one season. That one season was the most successful in franchise history.

Subban draws a lot of attention off the ice, some warranted and some not. He represents the new school of hockey that the Predators look to be a major part of. Nashville is about glitz & glamour, and Subban is the perfect representative of that. He backs up anything that he says that might tick off some people.

Subban is a leader in the community and has already shown leadership qualities while with the Predators. He’s the one fist-bumping everybody as they get off the ice. He’s addressing the team after difficult losses. P.K. Subban is already the face of the Nashville Predators to the outside world. Making him captain cements it.