Nashville Predators: Central Division primed to be NHL’s toughest

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Final Standings

Okay. I won’t get into how many points and wins. At least not yet. Wait for the end of camp for that to happen. Injuries can alway move a team from contender to pretender really quick. However, here is how I see the standing shaking down

  1. *Chicago Blackhawks. Until someone knocks them off, they are here.
  2. *Nashville Predators. There is a ton of confidence on this team now.
  3. *Minnesota Wild. The 266 goals was great, but repeating that will be difficult.
  4. *Dallas Stars.  Major improvements will spark the offense. And better goaltending
  5. *St. Louis Blues. Their lack of movement is going to hurt them.
  6. Winnipeg Jets. You got spirit, kid. Tonight just ain’t your night. But it will be close.
  7. Colorado Avalanche. Improvement possible? Yes.

There you have it. The “way-to-early-but-always-fun-to-talk-about” predictions sure to change.

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All in the name of fun sports banter.