Nashville Predators: If the Predators don’t win a Stanley Cup, don’t blame the roster

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Cautionary Tale

From what I just painfully recounted, it would seem Laviolette and his Predators have progressed every season, not regressed. But, I remind you that Laviolette has historically had worse regular seasons year-over-year. Some might believe the regular season doesn’t matter, and encourage us to admire the success Laviolette has brought the franchise. I will concede he has improved each season as far as where the team finished in the playoffs.

Nonetheless, as I stated before: a team has to make the playoffs before they can find postseason success. The Nashville Predators were the final seed in the playoffs. For the second season in a row, they posted fewer points in the standings. Even though they have virtually the same roster as last season, that does not mean the  other teams behind them haven’t improved.

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Like the old saying goes, history tends to repeat itself. Peter Laviolette has a long history of unrepeatable success. If the Predators post even fewer points this upcoming season, they will not make the playoffs. If they do not make the playoffs, don’t be surprised if GMDP will be looking to sign a coach next offseason to go along with whatever free agents he will covet.