Nashville Predators: New Hype Video Will Give You Chills

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

With one week until Nashville Predators hockey returns, this new hype video will give you chills, and get you through this last week without real hockey.

The time is almost here Predator fans. One week from today, the Nashville Predators open regular season play on the road against the Boston Bruins. A new hype video is available for your viewing pleasure, and it gave me chills. I love Predator hockey as much as you all do, so I wanted to share it.

Just Not the Same

There you have it. That video right there was what I needed to get me through this last week without NHL hockey. Sure, we have preseason play, but that just isn’t enough. You aren’t seeing the real stars out there all the time. Bridgestone Arena isn’t packed to the brim, breaking noise records. Catfish aren’t being thrown on the ice. It’s just not the same.

However, that time is coming. The energy and excitement that brought the Predators national attention will be back soon. Bridgestone Arena and Lower Broadway were the places to be this past postseason, and if Nashville fans have proved anything to me these past 19 years, it’s that they know how to show out for their teams.

(Photo by John Crouch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
(Photo by John Crouch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

You can’t make this stuff up. 18,000 fans packing the arena to watch the game, while 25,000+ sit outside the arena watching on screens and partying. That is something else…

Now I’m not saying that Predator fans will do that every night this season. Sure, there were some fans who just went down there to take in the historical moment of the team’s first Stanley Cup run. But like I said, Nashville fans are loyal, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a solid crowd outside the arena on a nightly basis.

The City is on Fire

Nashville is the place to be right now, hockey fan or not. The city is growing rapidly, the Predators are serious contenders now, the Tennessee Titans seem to be better than they have been in a while, and as a whole, the city is on fire. I’ve heard that roughly 100 people are moving to the Music City every single day.

Like I said, Nashville is the place to be right now.

The Predators will surely feed off of that city-wide energy this season. Players have raved about playing in Smashville. Former Pittsburgh Penguin Nick Bonino, who signed with the Predators after the Stanley Cup, even loves the city already.

When asked about playing in Nashville, Bonino said,

"“It was like you paid for a hockey game and you had concerts at every intermission. You have the biggest names in country music singing the anthem and playing on rooftops. That’s something that you don’t get in every building, and something that I’m definitely excited to play in front of.”"

Gotta love that. Bonino won two Stanley Cups in a row in Pittsburgh, yet he wanted to come to Nashville at the first chance he got.

All the pieces are there for this season to be a special one. The lineup is talented, the head coach and general manager are brilliant, and the fans are diehard.

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Back to the video though. Watch it once. Watch is five times. Watch it every day until October 5th. 7 DAYS UNTIL NASHVILLE PREDATORS HOCKEY RETURNS.