Nashville Predators: I Want the Red Wings Rivalry Back

(Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)
(Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images) /

With the Western Conference seemingly running through the Central division nowadays. I can’t help but miss the old Red Wings and Nashville Predators rivalry.

Before I begin, I want Nashville Predators fans to know that I still despise the Detroit Red Wings. Let’s get that straight. However, with all the talent in the Central division right now, I can’t help but miss the old days. When Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg were practically running the show. From 2005-2012, those two combined for 1,101 points.


Sure the Nashville Predators had a lot of trouble with the Red Wings for many years, especially on the road. However, some part of me liked that. I always loved seeing the Red Wings on the schedule, because for many years, that meant a chance to beat the best in the league. The Red Wings used to be the big brother that always beat up the little brother Predators. I mean, the Red Wings had a run of 25 consecutive playoff appearances. The Predators have only existed for 18 years. For the better part of the Predators existence, it’s been a story of David chasing Goliath.

Close Ties

A major market for the Predators has always been Detroit. Many Detroit natives/Red Wing fans have moved to Middle Tennessee for career opportunities. This has led to an ever-present Red Wings fan base in Nashville, making those games in Smashville that much more competitive. I can remember Red Wings games in the past, where there seemed to be more red in the crowd than gold.

And I can’t fail to mention the Nashville catfish throw. This move became famous last season, as celebrities and fans were see tossing catfish onto the ice to excite the crowd. This is an old Detroit tradition, with a Nashville twist. Red Wing fans began throwing octopi onto the ice during a time when a team only had to win 8 games to be Stanley Cup champions.

So why do I want the Red Wings to be good again? I honestly can’t explain it. They were the Achilles heel of the Predators for so long, so I should be happy that Nashville finally has the upper-hand. But for some reason, I want the old Red Wings back.

The Old Days

There was just something about those games. The Red Wings might’ve not seen the rivalry quite like Predator fans did, however, it was still a series that all fans loved. The Predators now have their Western Conference rivalries with teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues, and Anaheim Ducks.

While those are all great rivalries, something about Detroit is just different to me. It was the Predators first true rival. The first team that Predator fans really hated. I’m not saying that I want the Red Wings to rise up again and dominate the Predators like they used to. I just want those chippy, thrilling games again.

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Just in case you were confused, I still hate the Detroit Red Wings, and that will never change. I just want that rivalry back. Anyways, NASHVILLE PREDATORS HOCKEY IS BACK.