Nashville Predators: Arvidsson and Subban’s Celebrations Becoming Symbolic

(Photo by Sanford Myers/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sanford Myers/Getty Images) /

Every fan loves a good goal celebration. Well, Nashville Predaotors’ Subban and Arvidsson’s signature celebrations are becoming signatures.

Sometimes, players come up with celebrations that just fit the team. That is what is happening with the Nashville Predators.

P.K. Subban’s trademark is his bow and arrow goal celebration. Any good fan knows that. Subban gets down on his knees and fires and arrow into the crowd. The celebration is pure P.K. Excitement and raw emotion after scoring, just like always. Whether he’s on the ice or not, happiness, fun, and emotion is the way to sum up Subban.


Subban’s goal celebrations have not always been accepted though. During his time in Montreal with the Canadiens, he was deemed a “distraction” by Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin. His Triple Low 5 with goalie Carey Price was banned by the front office in Montreal. It seemed that no matter what Subban did, it rubbed someone the wrong way.

Thank goodness that Predators GM Poile and HC Laviolette have a better sense of humor than the Canadiens front office though. Ever since arriving in Nashville, Subban’s bow and arrow celebration has taken off. He debuted it in his first game with the Predators after a rocket slap shot goal to begin his Predators career. In an interview with E60, Subban defended his celebration and pompous attitude on the ice. Subban said, “I’m sorry, when I score a goal in the National Hockey League against the best players in the world, if I get excited and I want to show my emotions, I will,”.

Gotta love P.K.

Arvy’s Salute

Viktor Arvidsson’s post-goal salute is a lesser known celebration, but one that is catching on fast. He debuted it in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final last year. His clutch goal was capped off by a reactionary salute to the crowd as he looped past the net.

Since then, Arvidsson’s salute has caught on, as he has already had a few chances to display it this year. He pulled it out again last night after scoring the equalizer goal halfway through the second period.

When asked about the celebration last night after the game, Arvidsson told the Tennesseean that, “It just happens. I just try to have some fun when I score. I feel like it comes when it comes.”

What They Mean

Basically to me, Arvidsson’s salute and Subban’s bow and arrow represent the offensive power of the Nashville Predators, and the joy and emotion that Nashville plays with. Not just the players either, the fans too.

Arvidsson is part of a life with Johansen and Forsberg that is among the best in the NHL in offensive production. Subban is part of one of the best blue line’s in the league.

So why can’t they remind everyone just how good they are? And have a little fun with it too.

They aren’t hurting or offending anyone. They’re just athletes expressing raw emotions in a moment of happiness, with an arena full of screaming fans. I’d get excited too if I was them.

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Keep having fun P.K. and Arvy, we all love it.