Nashville Predators: A trade finally happened!


Something happened! A three-way trade involving the Nashville Predators, Colorado Avalanche, and Ottawa Senators went down on Sunday.

Hurray for trades! Something finally happened!

The Colorado Avalanche surprised many with a red hot start to the season. But they’ve since fallen back to earth after riding the PDO rocket as far as they could. They’re a franchise in the rebuilding stages which is nothing to be ashamed of. They want picks and prospects, especially defensive prospects. The team is a rebuilder.

The Ottawa Senators are a murky case, they’re second in the Atlantic with 17 points in 14 games. The Atlantic is top heavy as there’s the Lightning, Maple Leafs, possibly the Senators, and then everyone else. The issue is that Erik Karlsson is in his prime and he will take that team to the playoffs kicking and screaming. They need to win while Karlsson is still the best defenseman in the NHL.

Then there’s the Nashville Predators. A team who’s suffering a sluggish start. inconsistencies have plagued the team thus far and the Predators have done little to change.  They’re desperately seeking a second line center and they are adamant on acquiring one through a trade. As far as I’m concerned, this team is in win-now mode, even if there are prospects still coming up the pipeline.

Now a trade has officially happened, here are the pieces.

The pieces coming and going from Ottawa

The Senators send Kyle Turris to the Nashville Predators. They send Shane Bowers, Andrew Hammond, a first and a third to the Avalanche. And they receive Matt Duchene from the Colorado Avalanche.

So far this season, Matt Duchene has 10 points in 13 games. More impressively, he’s done so on an Avalanche team that has failed to score. The other good news is that he has eight even strength points. The Senators could use a playmaking center who’s a little bit more proficient at five on five. Another factor to remember is that Duchene is an average possession player, which would make him a top five possession player on the Senators. He currently owns a five on five Corsi of 49.54% and a Fenwick of 47.41%. Both scores are better than Kyle Turris.

The other good news is that Duchene is under contract for another year after this one for six million dollars.

The pieces coming and going from Colorado

The Colorado Avalanche give up Matt Duchene to the Ottawa Senators. They receive Shane Bowers, Andrew Hammond, a first and a third from the Senators. They also receive Samuel Girard, Vladislav Kamenev, and a second-round pick from the Predators.

This team is actively trying to tank for Rasmus Dahlin, and so losing Matt Duchene is actually a bonus for them. The initial rumor was that Mattias Ekholm would head to Colorado but that was quickly shot down by Elliotte Friedman. Then it was revealed that it would solely be picks and prospects.

Girard is an excellent offensive defenseman at 19 years old, and Kamenev looks to be a stud at center. Both are under 21 and still on their ELC’s, expect both to play big minutes for the Avalanche. Colorado has set themselves up for the future with great prospects and picks from the Senators and Predators.

The pieces coming and going from Nashville

The Nashville Predators lose Samuel Girard, Vladislav Kamenev, and a second-round pick to the Avalanche. They then receive Kyle Turris from the Senators.

Kyle Turris is an enigmatic two center who can, at times, assist with the best of them. But that’s when he’s hot. When Turris is hot, he’s scorching, but he can be streaky. Turris is currently 28 and on the last year of a sweetheart deal worth 3.5 million per year. He needs a new contract and a team with a low internal cap like the Senators won’t be able to afford him and Karlsson. The choice between the two was easy, as Turris is now shipped off.

Turris currently has nine points in 11 games, four of which have come at five on five. He’s also followed suit with the rest of the Senators with less than stellar possession scores. He owns a five on five Corsi of 45.54% and Fenwick of 48.16%. Not that great by any stretch of the imagination. The Nashville Predators excel at possessing the puck and having Turris at the second center position might force a change in style. The good news is he’s signed a new deal with the Predators worth 36 million over six years. Let’s hope Turris is what we though Bonino would be.

My opinion

Personally, I hate this trade for the Nashville Predators. I really don’t think the Predators need another inconsistent player on their already inconsistent roster. Especially a center who has an issue performing during five on five situations. Matt Duchene would’ve been a much better get, and worth an extra first-round pick.

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The Predators have made a move, for better or for worse. Let’s hope this is what puts them over.