Nashville Predators: After strong showing, Predators moving up in Power Rankings

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Top two spots are no brainers.

Number 2: Los Angeles Kings

The name of the game is score and stop the opponents from scoring. The Kings are doing just that. They are third best in putting the biscuit in the basket, and second in stop other teams in the West. To this point, the Kings have the third best record in the NHL. Oh! No one kills a penalty like the Kings. It is a lofty 92%, which should come back to the pack at some point.

Whether it is at home or away, the Kings perform well. Against the East, the Kings are king. The 9-2-0 record against the other conference is best in the NHL. However, they are mediocre at best versus the West. Their two wins are against the Sharks and the Anaheim Ducks. Yet, the Kings were beaten by the Predators, Sharks, Blues, and Flames. For right now, they are good enough to be second. Earning 24 points solidifies that. However, this could change. And Quick.

Number 1: St. Louis Blues. 

Nothing to see here but great hockey. Winning at home and on the road. And, they only have two losses against the West. One of those was in overtime. The Blues score better than any other team in the West, and stop opponents enough to win.

However, since November started, the Blues are 3-3-0. The last loss came at the hands of the Flames. And, they were outscored 12-6 in the last two games. However, the Blues did take care of the Toronto Maple Leafs on November 4.

Their next eight games? At Edmonton, at Vancouver, then a home stretch that includes the Oilers, Nashville Predators, Minnesota Wild, Ducks, and Kings. That appears rather favorable to the Blues.

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There you have it. The top eight of the Western Conference. With great hockey to come, and teams within just a couple of points of each other, this may change soon. But, for right now, this is how we see it.