Nashville Predators: Deals That Sent the Predators To Another Level

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3. The Weber/Subban Trade

Will any of us ever forget where we were when we heard the news? It was June 29, 2016. I was walking home from a Cincinnati Reds game with one of the most beautiful & sweetest women I will ever know. Once I got to my car, I got the news from my good friend Jeremy Lambert.

The Predators got P.K. Subban, and I wasn’t happy about giving up Shea Weber to get him. Weber was the one guy that gave the Predators some credibility. If NHL fans knew nothing else about Nashville, it was that they gave Shea Weber a ton of money. All deserved, I would say.

But I also figured that Weber would be moved at some point. Call it a hunch, I dunno what it was, but I figured that Shea Weber wouldn’t spend the entirety of that contract in Nashville. The tricky part is that whole cap recapture thing could bite the Preds in the butt at some point, so they had to get something really really really good for him if they didn’t think he could lead them to a Cup.

We know that P.K. Subban is really, really good. He’s a great hockey player. He has an incredible personality. If the Predators win a Cup with him on board, he will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. The way things are looking right now…Hockey Hall of Famers will need to look for excuses to keep him out. Because he will raise the Cup before his career is over.

Shea Weber deserves to raise the Cup too. Unfortunately, the Montreal Canadiens don’t look like they will add to their collection anytime soon.