Nashville Predators: Time for the annual airing of grievances and feats of strength


The holiday season is filled with joy and wonder. But, before the Nashville Predators celebrate, it is time for Festivus for the rest of us.

The list of Christmas/Holiday events is long. There are 12 days to Christmas, plus eight crazy Hanukkah nights, Kwanzaa, Canadian Boxing Day, and St. Lucia Day. But, one of the newest – and likely most popular – day is the one made up in an episode of Seinfeld. The one called Festivus. And, we thought it would be great to celebrate with the Nashville Predators.

For you newcomers, the celebration of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances.

It is difficult to see how fans could have issues with the Nashville Predators right now. They are only on track for a 100-point season, sitting second in the Western Conference, and garnering attention the entirety of the NHL.

Still, we have a few issues with the team and you are going to hear about them.

I find tinsel distracting

First of all, for a team with arguably the best defense in the league, how are you letting teams out-shoot you? And all the time? I mean, I get you are winning, but the shot differential is overwhelming. On the season, teams hold a +89 shot advantage. The largest difference is seen in the first period (+47), but +36 is not great either. You get ahead but teams shoot their way back into games.

With the shots, the Predators are being outscored 41-30 in the games final period.

Thank goodness Pekka Rinne is there to bail you out.

And, I am sorry. Juuse Saros. How can we trust you? The heir-apparent to Rinne is looking like he is ready for a long winter nap. The Predators trust you to perform well with your limited minutes in net. The last few games showed promise, and for that we are thankful. But, do not be naive. We support you, but we lost some trust. I hope that changes.

Next on my list, Ryan Johansen. I want to consider you a top center in the NHL. Your $8 million a year contract is 16th highest in the league. Your production this year? Not even close to the cost. I get it. You were injured for a bit. And, opponents are looking for you and your linemates to score. After 180 points last year, it is easy to see why. However. Four goals and 17 assists are not what we were hoping for.

Please, for the love of Christmas and all that is cheery, please show us you are worth the money. When you do, the offense will be nearly unstoppable.

Lastly. Three straight home losses? What in the world is the matter with you people?

Feats of strength

Okay. I feel somewhat better now that I got those off my chest. Now I can enjoy watching the Nashville Predators play tonight. Realize these are just my frustrations at the moment, not an “OMG! THE PREDS STINK!” post. Sometimes, you just have to vent.

With that. We move onto the feats of strength. I leave you with this.

Next: Craig Smith, Christmas Miracle

Now. We can celebrate Christmas. Enjoy the game tonight. Happy Festivus!