Nashville Predators: Top Five All-Star Jerseys of All Time

MONTREAL, QC - FEBRUARY 6: Alexander Mogilny
MONTREAL, QC - FEBRUARY 6: Alexander Mogilny /
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LANDOVER, MD – FEBRUARY 9: Wayne Gretzky
LANDOVER, MD – FEBRUARY 9: Wayne Gretzky /

Honorable Mentions

Even though I really like this year’s jerseys, they couldn’t quite cut it in the top 5. They are just too new-age. When you have an event that has been around, officially, for over 70 years, it would be nice to have some part of the past incorporated into the concept. You don’t find that with this year’s set.

My other honorable mention has to go to these sweaters worn in 1939.

These didn’t make my top 5 because the game they were for wasn’t technically an official All-Star game. Before the All-Star game became official in 1947, the NHL had a few memorial games in honor of some NHLers who tragically passed away. Those memorial games usually featured an All-Star team versus the reigning Stanley Cup Champions. This set was from the 1939 Babe Siebert Memorial game.  Babe Siebert passed away in a drowning accident.  The All-Stars played the Montreal Canadiens, because Siebert was going to be their head coach.

Worst of the Worst

There have been a few, really bad All-Star jerseys over the last 70ish years. None have been worse than what 1982 produced.

For what it’s worth, these weren’t that far off from the other All-Star jerseys of the time. But, from a design standpoint, these are hideous.  The numbers are flat. They were one year away from putting the conference names on the chest in place of the NHL shield. The NHL decided to take the term “all-star” literally.  That is just way too many stars. The NHL didn’t even have a team in Vegas yet, so there is just no excuse.