Nashville Predators: Top Players Getting Snubbed From Winter Olympics

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 14: Pekka Rinne /
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There will be no NHL players participating in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, but let’s look at who would be representing from the Nashville Predators.

It’s going to be strange and unfortunate to watch the Winter Olympics without the NHL superstars. One of the main draws for me of the Winter Olympics is always seeing NHL talent go head-to-head representing their respective country.

As a fan, seeing your favorite players perform in the Olympics is also an intriguing draw. As for the Nashville Predators, they quite possibly have never had a more talented roster than they do right now. They’re loaded with Olympic talent that we will not be able to see perform on the world stage. Without the NHL players, the Olympics will lose some intrigue in the hockey competition. Team Russia, even though they won’t be competing under their own flag, is the overwhelming favorite.

It’s nice, and a bit greedy, to be happy as fans to not see a break in the middle of the NHL season for the Olympics. Even though the NHL made a huge mistake by not participating, it doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on which Predators players would be going for the gold for their native country.