Nashville Predators: Top Five Teams In Franchise History

NASHVILLE, TN - MAY 09: Paul Gaustad
NASHVILLE, TN - MAY 09: Paul Gaustad /
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Two decades ago the Nashville Predators brought the hockey experiment to this great state, and now we rank the top five teams in franchise history.

Fans are starting to get spoiled by how consistent their Nashville Predators are, and not just this season alone. Even before the Stanley Cup appearance last season, the Predators became a mainstay at the top of the NHL standings every year. You know you’re making it when your team is starting to attract a lot of haters.

Unlike the NHL’s newest expansion franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights, the Predators had a long road to haul. Where they’re at now is thanks to a long journey and some rosters that just couldn’t match up talent-wise with the league’s best teams.

There’s a lot of great teams to comb through to figure out who is the best in Predators franchise history. The Predators are looking to cap off this current regular season by making the playoffs for the fourth-straight year. They’ve only failed to qualify for the playoffs twice since the 2008-09 season. We as fans now not only expect the playoffs, but even a deep run. Last season everything came to its peak as the Predators nearly won the Stanley Cup, taking the sports world by storm.

Let’s rank the five best teams in the Predators’ 20-year history that now has them near the top of the NHL food chain.