Nashville Predators: How the Western Conference will be won

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Central Division

For those that follow the sport extremely close, we know is the site for all the stats we want to see. They are the sports statics encyclopedia, which is what we used before all this technology and a thing called Wikipedia. did 1000 simulations of all games for the rest of the season. At its conclusion, the Nashville Predators won the division 97.6% of the time. It makes sense given their 10-point lead in the division.

Now, I do not wish to get ahead of myself and crown the Predators the Central champs. Anything can happen. There are 11 games left for Nashville, Winnipeg, Minnesota, and Colorado. Dallas has 10 games remaining. Let’s review the schedules.

(Note: team currently in playoff position in italics)

Nashville: @BUF, Toronto, @Minn, @Winn, Minn, San Jose, Buffalo, @Tampa, @Fla, @Wash, Columbus.

Winnipeg: Dallas, LA, Anaheim, NSH, Boston, @CHI, @TOR, @OTT, @MTL, Calgary, Chicago

Minnesota: @ARZ, LA, NSH, Boston, @NSH, Dallas, @Dallas, EDM, @Anaheim, @LA, @SJS

Dallas: @WINN, @WASH, Boston, VAN, PHL, @MINN, MINN, @SJS, @Anaheim, @LA

Colorado: DET, @CHI, LA, VGK, @VGK, PHL, CHI, @Anaheim, @LA, @SJS, STL

No team has an easy path. The Predators remaining schedule includes six road games and eight teams currently in playoff position. Winnipeg has an advantage of more home than road games, but their next five are against contenders. Colorado avoids playing teams ahead of them in the division, but have a tough home-and-home with Vegas.

All of that said, the top two spots seem set. Nashville leads Winnipeg by 10 points, while the Jets enjoy a seven-point cushion over Minnesota.

Division Locks: Nashville, Winnipeg

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