Nashville Predators: How the Western Conference will be won

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(Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)
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How it all shakes out.

The last question to answer is who wins the Western Conference’s regular season. Three teams have a chance, though overtaking the Nashville Predators will be difficult. Here is a mathematical breakdown.

Nashville has 104 points, Vegas hold 95, and Winnipeg with 94. All teams have 11 games left, meaning the best they can earn is 22 points.

The best Winnipeg can do is 116 points, winning every game. In turn, Nashville would need to go 5-6-0 for the Jets to win the Conference. Each loss by the Jets makes it easier for the Predators, obviously.

As for Vegas, the best they can do is 117 points. Therefore, the Predators could go 6-5-0 and the Golden Knights would earn home ice.

Neither of these scenarios is likely. First, the chance of a team going on an 11-game win streak when facing desperate teams is a difficult task. It is only complicated when the best team in the league needs to collapse. So, for all intents and purposes, the Nashville Predators will be the Western Conference regular-season champion.

Here is how the playoffs then shake out.

Nashville vs. Anaheim

Vegas vs. Colorado

Winnipeg vs. Minnesota

San Jose vs. Los Angeles

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It certainly will be an exciting end to the season. With all the teams in contention playing each other, the drama will be enticing.