Nashville Predators: NHL rules on goalie interference, Twitter responds

SUNRISE, FL - APRIL 3: Filip Forsberg
SUNRISE, FL - APRIL 3: Filip Forsberg /

In what was an amazing comeback against a playoff-contending team, the Nashville Predators’ goal was called off by the NHL. Twitter took over.

We are often encouraged to not go to bed angry, but last night was just too difficult. After tallying a game-tying goal just before the final buzzer, the NHL ruled goalie interference on Viktor Arvidsson. The Nashville Predators were stunned, and the Florida Panthers took their two points and left. During the entire match, one penalty was called. Chances for both teams to draw whistles were met with silence from the referees. They let the teams play the game out.

However, “Toronto” had the final say and one of the most amazing moments in regular-season action was overshadowed by a call that appears contrary to standards set. Fans everywhere were upset. And they took to Twitter to vent their emotions.

Twitter takes over

Of course, you expect us to have a few things to say. But we are biased? Right? Well, other hockey sites were just as outraged as we were.

But, it was not just other team-related sights. Fans from all over the NHL voiced their strong opinions on the call. Many raised issue over how the Panthers responded, or how they didn’t respond once the puck crossed the line. All through sports, we witness players taking issues with plays. Basketball players never commit fouls and look shocked when called. Javier Baez of the Chicago Cubs immediately points to the dugout when he knows the call was incorrect.

The Florida Panthers looked like Ole Miss after Bryce Drew’s buzzer beater in the 1998 NCAA Tournament.

A few tweets stand out. Actor and long-time hockey fan Kiefer Sutherland was quick to state his disapproval.

Golf star Brandt Snedeker was thrilled with the call.

And, of course, Carrie Underwood spoke out, in probably the most anger anyone has seen from her.

But the Tweet of the night goes to Mike Fisher. Not because of its analysis of the play or stance on the call. No. Fisher’s tweet led to a moment of humor.

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The Nashville Predators were not able to clinch home ice or their first division crown last night. And it was because of “Toronto.” I still wonder who “Toronto” really is. My guess is Mike Milbury.