Nashville Predators: Road Woes and One Goal Games Don’t Mix

All we want for Christmas is a win on the road for the Nashville Predators. It has been a while since we have witnessed one.

After starting the season 8-0 on the road, the Nashville Predators have lost touch with their dominant ways away from Bridgestone. The team’s last victory on the road dates back to November 10th against Dallas, and that game went to overtime. The Predators road record since then is 0-7-2.

Six of those losses were decided by one goal. One of which was lost in overtime, and another game was a defeat in a shootout. Mind you these are all close games coming from a team decimated by injuries. The Nashville Predators first line is currently taped together by Ryan Johansen, while just about every other line has pretty much been a revolving door.

The point is these one-goal games aren’t cutting it. More often than not the Predators are finding themselves on the wrong side of a close game. Especially given the fact that eight of the next eleven games are on the road, including six in a row after New Year’s Day. This is likely the toughest stretch of the schedule, and it is pivotal to come away in good standing.

For that to happen, the Nashville Predators need offense. They need to score, plain and simple. Since their last road victory, Nashville has scored 52 total goals.  That ranks them 17th in the league.  Every team with fewer goals in that span has played fewer games. And if we’re being picky, the Predators need to score at Even Strength. Their 39 goals at Even Strength puts them further down the list at 21st in the league.  Coupled with a Power Play that’s bottom-10, that’s a recipe for disaster.

The Nashville Predators are hanging by a thread without their top players. The impact of playing without Forsberg, Arvidsson, and Subban is apparent.  Right now, the team doesn’t have a difference maker–nobody to rely on to win a close game.  With a long road stretch on the horizon, it’s important for the Predators to score early and often to recoup their winning ways.