Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban stars in the PK Project

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 28: P. K. Subban
TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 28: P. K. Subban /

 P.K. Subban is one of the most transcendent stars of the NHL. Now, the Nashville Predators defenseman has a new YouTube show.

The NHL is laced with great young talent. Players in their teen years have come into the league and taken it by storm. Scoring talent is at an all-time level and it is not limited to just forwards. Every team in the NHL has a star – a name fans would recognize. Yet, few players have reached a status that goes beyond their own sport. The Nashville Predators have one of the few hockey stars who has reached celebrity status.

During most games on the road, fans show P.K. Subban with boos. I still don’t understand why it is. Sure, he plays with a bit of an edge at times and can be a bit of a talker on the ice, but there is no doubting he is one of the best players in the NHL. Between his work with the Montreal Children’s Hospital and creating “P.K.’s Blue Line Buddies,” few players in sports are as philanthropic as one Pernell-Karl Subban. He certainly deserves respect for those efforts.

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In December of 2017, Adidas announced a partnership with Subban, along with Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, and Brent Burns, among others. Still, the National Hockey League’s top defenseman, 2-time NHL All-Star, 2013 Norris Trophy Winner and Olympic Gold Medalist is reaching a new height of celebrity.

No, it is not because he is dating Olympic skater Lindsey Vonn. Or because he has his own fashion sense. Or the fact he is on the cover of EA Sports’ NHL ’19.

NBC has partnered with P.K. Subban and his new entertainment production business, PeeK Productions to create the show “The PK Project.” It is the first series NBC has done with an athlete. The show begins tonight and will be featured on and NBCSport Youtube Channel. It will run in conjunction with the NHL All-Star Weeknd. A one-hour late-night talk show hosted by Subban will air at 11:30 P.M. on January 25 on NBCSN.

Athletes working in media is nothing new. Many former players continue their sports careers in broadcasting. However, Subban is one of the first to have his own show airing exclusively in digital formats. NBA legend Kobe Bryant has a show called “Details” streaming on ESPN+. Five-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady broadcasts a show through Facebook.

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So, before the game tonight in Vegas, tune into NBCSports online and watch the first episode of “The P.K. Project.” You can watch below!