Nashville Predators: Potential P.K. Subban Trade Partners

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Nashville Predators are in cap space trouble and it isn’t going to get any better without some movement. P.K. Subban is the talked about as most likely to move. Could these five teams be the landing spot the Predators need?

The Nashville Predators are in quite a predicament this offseason. They have zero cap flexibility and can barely afford to sign even half of their own free agents. In his weekly mailbag column, Dan Rosen of answered the following question with regards to 5 teams in cap trouble and the 5 guys most likely dealt as a result.


Rosen, unsurprisingly, listed the Nashville Predators as one of those 5 teams in cap trouble. Almost as equally unsurprisingly, he listed P.K. Subban as the player the Predators would move.

He did not specify the landing spot for each individual player unless you take the chronological order as the means with which he was choosing landing targets. He did, however, pick the top 5 potential suitors for cap space castaways: New York Rangers, Arizona Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks, Columbus Blue Jackets, and New Jersey Devils.

Press on to see what deals could be made with each team in order for the Nashville Predators to create some breathing room in the cap.

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