Nashville Predators: These Players Are Facing the Most Pressure Entering Season

(Photo by Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
(Photo by Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /
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As a whole, the Nashville Predators are facing a lot of pressure this upcoming season. However, these players are facing the most pressure.

It’s fair to say that the Nashville Predators are in the midst of getting turned back around into a positive direction. They’ve been going in reverse over the last two seasons, most recently with a first-round playoff exit. The bar is set way too high in Nashville to be going home in the first round.

The talent on the roster also tells me there’s no excuse to be eliminated in the first round. I can argue the Nashville Predators are facing some of the most pressure in the league heading into the season. They came up way short, lost some key pieces, have some new pieces joining them and have some players that are under-performing.

I have a list of Nashville Predators players who are entering the season in hot water. They have to step up and produce. Prove that they can be counted on in key moments, most notably in the postseason. I ran a Twitter poll on this very topic, and thank you to the readers for giving me a good number of votes. Here’s the results:

The Predators are going to most likely return to the postseason again this year, but how they get there and how far they go hinges on how these players respond to the pressure they’re facing.