Nashville Predators: Ranking the Top Goals of 2019-20 Season

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Scoring goals will always be the most exciting part of hockey, and even more so when it’s the game-winner. Here’s the top-five for the Nashville Predators.

It may have been an up-and-down season for the Nashville Predators, but there were still plenty of exciting goals scored that got fans excited and jumping out of their seats.

The Predators have plenty of great goal scorers. Filip Forsberg naturally jumps to mind first, but there are several other as well.

None of us are really sure if the 2019-20 regular season will ever be completed. If it goes incomplete, then there will still be plenty of great memories about this season to hold onto.

Time to revisit the top-five goals by the Nashville Predators from this season. Hopefully there will be other chances to add to this list later this summer.

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