Nashville Predators: Revisiting the Iconic History of their Uniforms

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There have been more jersey concepts over the years for the Nashville Predators than you might first realize. Some have been great, and others not so much.

The Nashville Predators are a team that you normally think of as being very aggressive on the ice, and their jerseys with the iconic sabertooth head logo have always stood out among the rest of the NHL.

But in the team’s history, they haven’t all been sharp looking. Some have actually been very ordinary, or dare I say even hard to look at.

Your play on the ice and winning Stanley Cups is what ultimately matters, but how you look while doing it does have its own importance to it. It builds more fans and boosts up the image of your team if you have a sharp jersey concept

I’m going back into Nashville Predators history to look at all the uniform concepts and designs, and decide which ones need to make a comeback, and which ones need to stay hanging up in the closet forever.